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Botulinum Toxin Injections Vaginismus

Botulinum Toxin Injections for Vaginismus at Gerka Clinic

Vaginismus is a rare condition which involves involuntary contractions of the vaginal muscles which leads to pain and difficulty in having penetrative intercourse.

The reasons for vaginismus are not always clear, but some things thought to cause it include:

  • fearing that your vagina is too small
  • a bad first sexual experience
  • an unpleasant medical examination
  • believing sex is shameful or wrong
  • a painful medical condition, like thrush

Fortunately, vaginismus can be treated effectively with BTX, At Gerka Clinic we have a multi-approach to treat vaginismus, therapies with Radio Frequency, shock waves, vaginal dilators and BTX injections. We invite you to a consultation, You’ll be seen by an experienced consultant gynaecologist and naturally, your visit will be treated with 100% confidentiality.