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Intimate Area Fillers

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Revitalise your intimate health and confidence with Gerka Clinic’s innovative intimate area fillers. Utilising advanced techniques and high-quality materials, our experienced team provides personalised care to enhance the aesthetic and comfort of the vaginal region.

Understanding Intimate Area Fillers

Intimate area fillers are specialised injectable treatments that restore volume, improve elasticity, and enhance hydration specifically in the vaginal region. Similar to facial fillers, these injections rejuvenate labial skin and improve the overall appearance and health of intimate areas.


DESIRIAL® PLUS is an advanced, elastic gel specifically formulated for the remodelling of the atrophic labia majora. It provides a significant volume enhancement, offering protection and support to the labia minora as a secondary benefit. This non-surgical procedure is designed to:

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Rediscover comfort and confidence with Gerka Clinic’s intimate area fillers. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a comfortable and rewarding experience.

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