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Why do stretch marks appear?

Stretch marks tend to appear if your body rapidly changes shape, for example as a result of pregnancy or rapid weight gain/loss. Initially the stretched portion of your skin will turn purple, pink, red or brown (depending on your skin colour). They may also be slightly raised and irritable. In time the colour of the stretch marks fades and recedes back under the surface of the skin. However, the scars remain.

Where do stretch marks appear?

Because stretch marks are associated with pregnancy or rapid weight gain/loss, they often appear on your stomach. However, depending on how they were formed, they can also form on your chest, upper arms, legs, hips or back.

How do you treat stretch marks?

Although there are a number of creams and lotions that claim to treat stretch marks effectively, their effectiveness can vary. We offer a number of options for stretch marks removal, including microneedling, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, CO2 laser skin resurfacing, Fraxel and chemical skin peels, Infini Microneedling radiofrecuency

We can suggest the treatment which will be most effective for you. This normally depends on a number of factors, including the profile of the individual patient, the severity of the stretch marks and the age of the stretch marks.


At Gerka Clinic we offer a number of proven treatments to help you achieve optimal results. To assess which one is right for you, we recommend booking an initial consultation with us. It costs just €20, which is then deducted from the total cost of your treatment – should you choose to go ahead with it.